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Improve Your Choke.

The guillotine choke is one of the most effective and versatile submissions in jiu jitsu. This technique can be used to sweep, pass, control - and of course, submit - an opponent. In his first major instructional release, Roy Marsh covers the mechanics of catching and executing the guillotine choke submission through his unique method of conceptual teaching.

The Guillotine Code contains 5 hours of instruction, with two bonus videos included FREE! It is available now for download or streaming. Learn every detail of this game-changing technique from one of its most avid practitioners and owner of Gracie Muenster, Roy Marsh.

"Only watched the first three parts, and this is already one of the best instructionals I've seen."

- Fredrik Holmqvist, Jiu Jitsu Practitioner, Sweden

Escape the Pin.

One of the hardest things to do in any ground fighting art is to escape from underneath someone. In this video of one of his recent seminars, Professor Roy Marsh shows important concepts and details to improve your ability to escape being pinned.

By explaining the specific reasons and ideas behind the movements needed and what your goals are with them, he makes sure that you will master the most fundamental and powerful techniques for escaping positions.

"I actually stopped dumping money into seminars because I found after doing a lot of them, I really wasn't incorporating what I learned into practice. But, with your stuff I now have set concepts and specific stuff to work on."

- Brian Gorman, Seminar Attendee, Purple Belt

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